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Rocky_T's Journal

Sunday, September 1, 2013

4:44PM - New fic

Surfacing from long-time lurkdom to say that I have completed a new fic, based on the most recent Star Trek movie "Into Darkness." The story is called, "Five Times Spock Encountered Death, And What He Learned" (spoilers galore for both reboot movies--you have been warned.)

I have recently begun the process of putting up some of my fanfic on Archive of Our Own (yes, I have come late to the party). My latest story can be found here.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

3:41PM - Surfacing

Hello, Internet, long time no see. (Assuming, of course, that anyone is still reading after all this time.) What have I been up to? Well, I am happy to say that I am currently healthier than I was last year, and I am no longer unemployed. So that's the (good news) RL update.

In terms of fandom stuff, yes, I did very much enjoy the end of Lost last spring. (And enjoyed it again when I rewatched with one of my other kids who came a bit late to the party). Currently, I have been watching and for the most part liking: Firefly (have seen everything except for the "Serenity" movie, some elements totally don't work for me, others are fine), Fringe (slowly making my way through season 1 due to having promised that I would not watch it without a certain offspring who is home only every 3 weeks or so) and Dollhouse (in the home stretch for season 2. This show had more than occasional flashes of brilliance which make me wish it had had a few more seasons to unspin everything rather than have the ultra-condensed endgame).

Which brings me to the point of this post: I have a new story (the first fanfic I have written in a very, very long time) for Dollhouse: Drowning, written for the matrithon. I don't think this is anything more than a stand-alone do I really need or even have time for yet another dead fandom? but if you read it, I'd love to hear what you think.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

8:19AM - no spoilers in this post - but beware of comment section

I am enjoying the new season of "Lost" as we are finally getting some answers! And new questions, too, but that is the nature of the beast, after all. Even last week's Kate-centric ep supplied some crumbs (while necessitating suspension of disbelief to the point it was struggling for air). I very much like the narrative structure for the season. The most recent ep, "The Substitute", was particularly good.

The Olympics, on the other hand, not so much. It's a question of coverage, and time zones, I guess. Vancouver is 10 hours behind us, Turin 1. The Eurosport channel usually does great 24/7 coverage (and those of you suffering through the NBC commentators, these guys a) know what they are talking about and b) do not talk non-stop over and through each event) but the prime time i.e evening hours coverage here has consisted pretty much of biathlon, biathlon, and more biathlon. And some of that is *taped* biathlon that was already shown! Please, why can't they show the taped skating (figure and speed), for example, at a time other than mid-morning when people have work, errands etc to do? Or the snow-boarding, or the few downhill races they've managed to get in so far? Even curling would be a welcome change about now.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


No snow days here! Today, in fact, was a T-shirt and shorts kind of day. Which ordinarily wouldn't be a problem in February, other than the fact that we really, really do need more rain (only the winter is the rainy season here, and it has to be *cold* or there is no precipitation). And while the mild weather does make a nice change from the most recent storms, today also saw the beginnings of the hot, dry winds which make one feel like a resident of Vulcan. Of course, it can and probably will change right back again. It makes for interesting reading, all the news reports of the massive snows on the East Coast. I will say that while I do not at all miss shoveling, I do miss playing in the snow.

In other reminders that it still is winter, last week we had our annual Super Bowl party. Bear in mind that for us kickoff was 1:20 am and the game ended just before 5 am (leaving us with about an hour to go back to bed before getting up to start the day). We had our usual group of viewers, though we missed the older boys (both of whom were on active duty). But eldest son's girlfriend was here anyway. And now the Winter Olympics are on, though the 10 hour time difference means we're going to get a lot live skiing, and taped ice skating (I only get up in the middle of the night for football).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have not yet watched the season 6 premiere of Lost. Hopefully that will be rectified soon. As usual, it's not my friends list on LJ that I'm worried about spoiling me; it's the mainstream media sites who for whatever reason seem compelled to post spoiler headlines about the new season. (I'm looking at you, NY Times).

On the homefront, the bat mitzvah was last week and I am very pleased to say everything went really well. Cut for those of you who are not interested in the detailsCollapse )

Sunday, January 24, 2010


A kind hit and run post:

My son the paratrooper has been living up to his name by jumping out of airplanes this week. Very cool stuff, and since we went to watch I feel a bit calmer about the whole thing. (Not that I don't still appreciate him sending me an SMS afterward telling me he's fine and it went well). Considering I have two sons in combat units, I think I've been pretty good in terms of the whole worrying thing. Oldest son finishes his military service in another couple of months.

I am currently up to my ears in bat mitzvah preparations. The party is on Wednesday night, and then we have an activity with her class from school on Friday morning (tree planting for Tu B'Shevat, for those of you who are interested), then lots and lots of company for the weekend. My husband is doing the entire dessert buffet for the party, and I am doing most of the other food. For ~170 people. (The "approximately" is due to people who *still* haven't and probably won't RSVP but it can be assumed that at least some of them are coming anyway. Argh!)And then of course all the meals for the weekend. No, we are not crazy. Everything is under control, on target etc. etc. I am just extremely busy. And still have to write my speech. And encourage daughter to practice hers.

See you all on the other side.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3:11PM - New VOY story

I have a new VOY story, Common Ground. Chakotay evaluates a new recruit for the Maquis. With a twist--this story is set in the reboot universe i.e. influenced by the events which took place in the movie (more than a century earlier in the Trek timeline). Warning: It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Contains a major spoiler for the 2009 Trek movie.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

7:09PM - 2009 ASC Awards

There will not be any ASC Awards this year.

It's not something I'm happy to say, but neither does it come as a total surprise. The number of stories posted has been dropping for years and has now hit an all time low. (TOS and AOS aren't too bad, compared to the other series, but even they add up to less than half of last year's TOS total). Even worse, nobody posts feedback anymore. And since the awards are all about feedback, well, you understand why we just can't do it anymore.

Here is the text of the announcement I just made to the alt.startrek.creative newsgroup:

It is with deep regret that I am announcing that there will be no 2009 ASC Awards. The volume of stories posted to the newsgroup has been steadily declining for years. This past year, other than a brief resurgence of both TOS and AOS stories around the release date of the
latest Star Trek movie, the number of stories posted has hit an all time low. More important (and disappointing) is the lack of feedback posted to the newsgroup when a story *does* appear. As the awards are all about feedback, we do not feel that it is feasible to hold them
this year.

As the official fic year of 2009 does not end until January 31, there is a slight possibility that a major turnaround in the final month would result in having the awards after all. But it would have to be a truly MAJOR change in posting behavior and patterns.

For those of you who did post stories during 2009, they will be included together with the ones from 2010 should we decide to continue (if the situation improves) next year.

Again, we are very sorry to say that the 2009 awards will not take place. We have been skirting such a decision for a long time now and unfortunately the time has come when it can no longer be avoided.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to contribute to the newsgroup as writers and readers. I know you share with me the hope that the ASC will experience a comeback.

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's August again.

Now, before you correct me, I am aware the calendar says "November." But it's hot, everyone is going around in T shirts and sandals, and we've been doing this pretty much consistently since, oh, last spring, with the exception of one glorious week in which it seemed like winter had finally arrived. We have basically two seasons here, "Hot" and "Wet" aka rainy, and it appears we've now shifted back to Hot. Complete with the need for air conditioning. You might say that sounds really nice, but it's not just hot, it's also dry, and the harsh winds are no fun. (Welcome back to Vulcan).

I'm also finding it a bit hard to be chipper due to RL, specifically work. Due to the fact the economy sucks, I decided it was time to Make A Change re: employment and career. Unfortunately, due to the fact the economy sucks, said Change is not going as smoothly nor as swiftly as I had hoped. There is a lot of "hurry up and wait", lots of interviewing, and not much progress. This is all bringing me down, though realistically I do know things will be looking up, will be improving, and this should all be happening in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I've been in this "within the next few weeks" mode for some time now and, well, it's tough.

On the bright side of RL, the family is doing pretty well. The husband is fine, the soldier boys are fine, the teenage son is fine, the youngest is looking into schools for next year (junior high!) and we are in the throes of Bat Mitzvah planning. (How did she grow up so much when I wasn't looking?)

"Julie and Julia" finally opened here two weeks ago and we went out to see it with my sister and brother in law Saturday night. Very enjoyable. My husband, who does fancy baking and also makes candies as his hobby, especially loved it.

I am watching "Stargate: Universe" and so far (I'm a couple of eps behind) my reaction is pretty much "meh." Without getting into the argument of "is this real Stargate?" or "too gritty" and all that other nonsense, I will say I'm finding the writing rather uneven (too many cringe-worthy moments) and the characters not very compelling. And yeah, the plotting is very predictable. I will also register my dislike for the plot device of spoilerCollapse ) I'm not crazy about the gratuitous sex scenes, either.

Still a few months away from "Lost." And football would be more enjoyable if my team was doing better.

I need to start writing again. I should take a look at the monthly prompts over at matrithon and see if anything grabs me. Or, I can always go back to some of the WiPs which are older than many fandoms these days...

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have posted my second and final matrithon fic, Three Sunrises. The fandom is Stargate: Atlantis, the character Dr. Elizabeth Weir, the prompt "sunrise".

This is the first ficathon I've participated in and it was interesting. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't picked dates for the two stories that were only 7 days apart. With a holiday in between. But, I managed.

I've been rewatching Stargate:SG1 episodes with my daughter (she was too young when I watched them the first time around with her older brothers a number of years ago), and am relieved to find I am liking the characters and enjoying the plot threads as much as I did before. Like any long-running series, the show changed a lot over time. Characters left (cough:died:cough), came back, or didn't, other new characters were introduced, new villains, new heroes etc. etc. I remember hearing the show was supposed to end, variously, after the end of season 5 or 6 or 8 etc. Of all of those possibilities, the one it would have made the most sense to me would have been after season 8. Those last 2 years just didn't do it for me. cut for possible spoilers, even at this late dateCollapse )

Monday, September 14, 2009

11:06AM - new matrithon fic

I have completed my first fic for the matrithon ficathon. My prompt was T'Pau, "thee asks too much." You can find my story, "Friend Or Foe" here.

Next up: the next story, though this one is in Stargate: Atlantis. And of course, work. And life. And stuff like that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Headline of the day:

Less Spocky, More Rocky

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The younger kids are back in school. And suddenly, work has picked up. I'd say that summer is really over, except for the fact it's still blazing hot. OK, it is a bit cooler in the early morning, but not the crisp fall days I remember from my own youth.

We had our book-signing party last night for the round-robin project. We all agreed the quality was pretty good overall, despite the inevitable DOA's that a few turned out to be (some were, quite honestly, doomed from chapter 1). There were a surprising number of books that had lots of gratuitous deaths in the final chapter--I call them gratuitous because they weren't intrinsic to the plot and in fact were for the most part pretty unnecessary. I guess that's an outcome of the rule "no killing off the main character(s) until the final chapter." (We should make it clearer that that doesn't mean you *have* to kill 'em all in chapter 8). There were also a surprising number of unhappy endings. In these cases for the most part, yes, it was a logical outcome for the book, but it didn't *have* to be that way; it could easily have gone the opposite way and the book would not have suffered at all (in fact, might have worked better). Oh well. And of course we bandied about suggestions for improvements and some rule changes for next year. At least 2 of my children are already hatching new plot ideas.

In other news, I became a great-aunt for the 16th and 17th times this past week (my niece and her husband had a boy, and my nephew and his wife had a girl). Which meant today I got to pay a visit to the local baby clothing/equipment store. Just walking in and seeing the displays almost makes me nostalgic. Almost.

Back to juggling work. And I really need to get cracking on my matrithon fics. At least I've got them both outlined, but the actual writing has not happened yet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

9:32AM - since I've been home...

I am still jet-lagged/exhausted all of the time. Summer is winding down, meaning it's time to get the school stuff (books, supplies, clothes) purchased. And I'm still catching up on house-related things (during my absence no laundry, cooking or shopping was apparently done. Though husband is forbidden to do laundry as a rule--there are 2 loads of pinked whites to attest as to why this rule exists).

The round-robin book project is winding down as well, with the final chapters being written this week. I have much editing to do (we're not allowed to fix grammar or spelling until completion, as these "mistakes" can turn into plot points, and they often do) and then the book-signing party is next week. Then I can finally get back into fic writing (I turned down participating in another round-robin project for this reason and because I need a break) which is good as come September, I have 2 matrithon stories to have completed. Despite my schlepping along a spiral notebook, I did absolutely no writing (and only very little thinking) on my trip. I don't know why I'm surprised, as the only long hand writing I do these days are shopping lists, but each and every time I travel I always make sure I have a nice new notebook handy, and it usually comes back just as pristine as when it left.

For those of you interested, highlights of my tripCollapse )

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6:59PM - back home

I am back home. More later, but for now:

1. I finally found the tribble.

2. I adore GPS. Except in the borough of Queens.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

12:57PM - The eagle has landed

After traveling for about 24 hours (ah, the joys of connecting flights!), I have arrived safe and sound (and with my luggage too!) I am thoroughly exhausted.

One good thing about the flying is I got to watch the Trek movie again. My major observation:

I still can't see the tribble, and believe me, this is now two viewings that I was actively looking for it. Oh, well, perhaps on the return flight next week.

And now to get some rest and try to reset my body clock.

Friday, July 31, 2009

10:30AM - meme

The first lines meme (take the first line of your last 20 stories and see what this says about your writing), as gacked from many on my friends' list:

20 is a big numberCollapse )

So, what does this say? Considering how many years back this list of stories stretches, I'd say first of all that my output has really slowed in recent years. And my recent resurgence is due to the new movie--I'd reached a point, I'm afraid, where I'd said basically everything I had to say re: Voyager and Janeway and the other series weren't doing it for me either. (looks guiltily at the various WiPs, some of which have been around for years). Second, I usually write in 3rd person, but first is not unheard of. Third, Sometimes I start with dialogue, and sometimes I don't. And finally,I don't think these are particularly 'boring' opening lines, but I really think to get the 'feel' of the story, the first paragraph (or at least the first three sentences) would be a much better gauge.

In other news, I'm recovering from yesterday (fast day) and starting to get really excited about my upcoming trip. And I signed up for matrithon! Today is the last day, folks, so if you were thinking about it and haven't done it yet, time is running out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

8:28AM - Vacation

We're back from our annual summer vacation. We did our usual few days of hiking, kayaking etc up North. Usually we don't go until mid-August but this year we went earlier due to people's availability (and still oldest son couldn't make it, alas). A good time was had by all, though it was extremely hot, and we didn't get to pick any blueberries on our last day as we usually do as they were all picked out (since we were there a good month earlier than usual, this was a real surprise but apparently the attraction has greatly gained in popularity). But we still all had fun. We have been doing this for many years and as the kids have been growing up we've been doing more and more rigorous hikes and trails. Unfortunately, the adults have also gotten older and I have to admit it's not as easy as it used to be for me. This despite having gotten more serious about my exercising on a regular basis. Oh well. Maybe by next year it'll be easier...

Next week, son number 2 is beginning his mandatory military service. Son number 1 is still in the army, having elected to serve longer and is advancing through the ranks. They are both in combat divisions. I worry, of course, but I am extremely proud of both of them. So my next several days are devoted to making sure we have all the gear etc we need to have before he goes in (it's easier the second time around as you have at least some idea of what to expect).

The other two kids are still on summer vacation, of course. The round-robin book project is going very well. This week we're up to chapter 5 (out of 8). As a result, most of my writing energies are currently taken up but I'm still tossing a couple of ideas around re: fanfic. (side note: the Trek 2009 movie is now available for pre-order! I'm also hoping to catch at least one more viewing on the plane next week). And I haven't forgotten about the matrithon either...

Next week I'm also leaving on a jet plane, another transatlantic jaunt. One of my college roommates is getting married, and to say that I'm excited is an understatement. I'm also looking forward to seeing lots of folks I haven't seen for the last 20+ years, basically. I'm going solo, sans husband and kids, but I'll only be gone a week. And then when I get home it'll be in time for the back-to-school crush i.e. getting books and supplies. Plus I have promised my daughter that she can finally get her ears pierced.

I hope everyone else's summer is also going well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

7:56AM - new story, and life

It's time for another new fic, Seven Minutes. It's AOS: what was going through Pike's mind as he piloted the shuttle to Nero's ship. I've actually been mulling this one for a while (I know, I've fallen off the pace of posting one new story a week) but RL has a way of interfering with my inner life.

Just spent the weekend hosting mega amounts of family--my side--and this coming weekend is more of the same only with my husband's relatives. The younger kids are off from school and so far no one is going too stir crazy (I hope). The lone remaining teenager (as his brothers are now both in their 20's) is our fill-in gardener for the summer which is useful if not terribly fulfilling.

In other writing news (no, not the paying job) this is the second summer our family is participating in a neighborhood round-robin book project. (No, my husband is only participating vicariously. He gets his kicks doing other hobbies). There is a total of 23 people, ranging in age from 11 to 70. Each week you write a chapter of a book. The first week it's your own, the second you are assigned to write chapter 2 of someone else's book, the third week you get to do chapter of 3 of yet another person's book and so on and so forth till you get to chapter 8 and finish. Then we have a book-signing party. It's a lot of fun. I'm also one of the editors so I'm responsible for shepherding 4 other books, besides my own weekly writing. The genres and topics are widely varied, as of course are the writing abilities. Last year we seemed to have a lot of wizards and magic, this year I'm seeing some caveman tales, a few hard-boiled detective ones, and some sequels to last year's books. It's a lot of fun, and provides endless hours of amusement for all of the participants.

Monday, June 15, 2009

9:39AM - New fic

This is getting to be a habit! I have a new story, How To Win Friends And Influence People, written for trekchic, maker of icons extraordinaire, who wanted a friendship story with Kirk, McCoy and Spock. Enjoy!

In other news, it *does* appear the phone is now working! Apparently they replaced some equipment at the central station and now our problems are solved. Next up: world peace!

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